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I’m back!

So, yes, my site has been neglected for far too long. I will be working on updating it ASAP. Thank you for your patience! More soon…


Death Inc. Trailer

Before Pete Richards can even pick up his morning paper, he’s drawn next door by the pitiful cries of the little neighbor girl who’s worried about her terrified, tree-bound kitty. Challenged by his nemesis, Skip, Pete sets his sights on rescuing the cat — a daunting task given how far he’ll need to climb. What happens next? Well let’s just say fate really can be fickle.

Ask Grim #3

Happy Halloween!!! Thank you for watching!

Ask Grim #2


Well, here’s one way to start a blog: launch a new web series. In the spirit of Halloween, I’m happy to announce that “Ask Grim,” a talk show featuring eager new talk show host, the Grim Reaper, answering questions from everyday people. Thanks for watching!

For anyone who wants to submit a question to the Grim Reaper, please upload an HD quality video to YouTube and share it to his channel: Rappinwiththereaper. Thank you!